Nov 20, 2010
Reaction score
So I've paused the game to make a sub 4 times in my current career but it happening in a top 2 clash is last straw

Has anyone else had this problem when I go onto my sub screen they score a goal with no viewable action it just seems to be In the goal when you cancel off ?
this has happened to me, but the other way around. when i paused to make a sub and returned to the game the ball was in the back of the net and I had scored, this happened to me twice in the same match. I figured it was just i paused at the right time. it may just be a coincidence for you though, did it show the replay?
Yes it's happened to me multiple times, thankfully against weaker opponents when we're already winning by a comfortable lead.
Yes. Ita basiclly a flaw in the game where you miss to see a highlight. When it does not lead ( like most if the times) to a goal, you never notice it though.
I have seen this happen on my save as well. Either way it shows the replay of the goal so I don't feel too cheated, it isn't like I could have done anything during the live highlight to change the result anyway.
I never saw it happen before but I saw this thread, went to play fm a bit, then when I paused the game and restarted it, we scored without me seeing! lol
A few times. It tends to skip the highlight till the end of it when doing it.

Latest patch 13.3.3 solves this according to the update notes.
iv e had this happen to me for and against so i dont really see much differance
Verry annoying flaw, I have experienced it several times.
I've had it several times. It's always the opposition who score too. :(