Pay for MSN ?


Sep 28, 2005
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hey everyone,
i dont normally send this sort of stuff out but had a look on the
internet and its actually true . On the 1st of november , we will have to
pay for the use of our MSN and email accounts unless we send this message to
at least 18 contacts on your contact
list. It's no joke if you don't believe me
then go to the site ( ) and
see for yourself. Anyways once you've sent this message to at least 18
contacts , your msn dude will become blue. please copy and paste don't
forward cos people won't take notice of it.

now i was gonna delete this as *****, but it turns out the article is actually sort of backs what the letter says. once i looked at it i seen that it says that we hav to pay for email, but the articles says its free, and as for the blue man...bullllshit..

what do u all think ? has anyone else got this ? iam a bit 50-50 on this.
***** sake Murali, I know you're stupid with computers and things but I thought you had a tiny bit of sense. Check out the date on the news article: Sunday, 25 February, 2001, 11:00 GMT.

Why would sending an email to 18 people make them keep the service free? Even if it somehow did it would be illegal for them to track who you've sent them too etc..

There is no mention of November in that article.

The msn 'dude' is already blue/green. (unless you used the last messenger live he was green but they just updated it and he's blue again).

They have already got Hotmail accounts that you have to pay for, the ones that they can't afford to give away to n00bs for free. Also Microsoft have just released a new BETA version of their new Windows Live Mail, which is just like gmail, and that will also be free.
:haha: unlucky murali

things like this appear every once in a while but are all rumour
hehehe...fooly me...lee thats why i was a bit skeptical about this though cos 18 is a random number and i know they cant track emails and ****..nvm ey.. live and learn..
Look back through the BBC News archives and the layout changes every year. The article is genuine, that's what the bbc website looked like back in 2001. :)
Yeh it's genuine, but just saying how much the quality is wubbish :p
Nice one Murali. Thanks for the chuckle :pleased:
lol :( and thank youuu for not giving me a wave this morning at the bus stop...only leerot loves me, you cold hearted monster
ha murali , you silly sausage

thanks for the smile today sean , made my day
lmao..glad to here...what was it for, one of ur o so funny jokes :D
Nah he just has a funny face.

Sorry about not waving to you Murali but i was too busy laughing at your 'uniform'. :pleased:

Anyway back to MSN now :)
What a bunch of idiots :)
2 of my mates sent me this on msn, i showed them the date on the article and they still think its true lol one of them think their msn man is turning blue but Im tryin to tell them that's just the shadow, some people are so gullible.