Nov 11, 2010
Reaction score
In my Monaco save my team give away a penalty almost every game, anyone else getting this?

My question there any way i can see how many penalties my team has conceeded?

Also just to say Craig Gordon saves over half of them!
i think stats reports show you but im not sure mate, also is it your defenders causing your penalties are your full/wing backs?
Mostly my central defenders, there are too many penalties given away to remember!
I can think of several options that might help:
1) Decrease tackling agressiveness, especially if it's currently set at "more agressive". If the defenders seem to have problems tackling cleanly, it's counterproductive to have them tackle more.
2) Set marking to "zonal". Your defenders may give away penalties because they can't keep pace with the opposition players they're supposed to be marking.
3) A little risky, but you can move up your defensive line. More ball challenges will occur outside your penalty area, so there should be less penalties. But then again, if your defenders are too slow, they will be giving more breakaways to the opposition and possibly picking up more red cards.