May 14, 2012
Reaction score
I am missing to many penaltys on my chelsea save and i cant imagine what to do.Any recommendations?
Last season Frank Lampard had 3 missed penaltys in a row.. Hazard also missed one so total 4 penaltys in a row was missed. Now in the start of my second season my team missed 2 penaltys in one game.
IMO there's nothing you can do ! I do know what your going on about though as I've experienced this myself El Shaarawry missed five consecutive pens for me before breaking his duck in a shoot out !
I've never had much issue, I usually just pick whoever has the best finishing along with a half decent penalty attribute. If I have a choice between a few I go for whoever has the higher pressure if I can tell.
i only score about 2/3 pens out of 10 normally.

even tho my 3 penalty takers have 19 18 and 17 for penalty taking.
iv found that players with average stats for penalty taking score more & the ones with higher stats like lampard do better in shoot-outs, just what iv experienced.
Composure, players thats dont buckle up under pressure ( hidden stat), players that is not "anxious" or "nervous" in the match(nothing to do about that at that stage though), penalty taking, decision, technique.

In my saves, I am about average with the normal stats of the prem ( irl), scoring from about 75 % of them.