Great news! We don't have to wait until next year. We won the Copa Libertadores, beating Flamengo 7-5 agg!! 4 down, 1 to go! I resigned shortly after, the only time so far I haven't won a league title with a club I've managed. It was also my shortest time so far; I was only at Boca for 117 days!

Well ill now it's August 2023, and I've turned on the Serie A, La Liga, and the Bundesliga. (Yeah, I'm going to try to win the CL with a non-English team!

I'm currently unemployed, but I did have an annoying little issue. When I went on vacation, I chose to apply to higher reputation clubs, and only come back from vacation when I've been offered a job. Funnily enough, Betis hired me while I was still on vacation (I swear I didn't accept it by choice, no offense to Betis fans!) So I resigned from there after 5 days in charge. It's just annoying to have that on my profile...

Oh well, I'll keep you updated on the latest, new club and all. Thanks for reading! The end of the challenge is approaching...!!!
It's now Aug 2024; still looking for a new club. I added Portugal and the French leagues to make a total of five. In addition, I am England manager! They are 2nd in the world and finished 3rd in the previous 2 World Cups.

I just took over, so I haven't played a game yet. We are in an easy Qualifying group so it shouldn't be hard. Hopefully, I can bring England all he say to the top!

Anyway, I'll post more after I've managed England some more. Stick around!
Wow! It's been almost 2 months since my last post. I'll spare you the boring details, and get right back to the game...

In December '24 I was hired as Manager of AC Milan, so it's nice to be at a club again! They had just sacked their previous manager who couldn't get them past the Group Stage of the CL, and they were in 8th in the Serie A. I took over, still using the good-ole' Diablo tactic, and we won the Treble! Serie A, Italian Cup, and the Europa Cup!

I'm also still in charge of England, but we did lose to Scotland in our WCQ group. We're currently in a 3-way tie with them and Austria at 12 points after 5 games.

It's now June 2025. Time to make some summer signings to compete in the CL next season!
The '25-26 Season is underway. We continued our impressive Trophy haul, adding the Italian Super Cup, and the European Super cup to our record. The latter game was against Man City, who beat their derby rivals, Man Utd to claim the Champions League last year. We beat them 2-0, so it's looking like we have a good chance of beating some top European teams this season.

It's going well for England, too. We finished 2nd in our group, and will face Greece in the playoffs. We've dropped to 8th in the rankings. I just want to make the latter stages of the WC...

Can we complete the Pentagon Challenge this year, AND possibly grab a World Cup title as a bonus??

Stay tuned for more....
It is Finished!!!

May 23, 2026. The Champions League final. A.C. Milan vs Man Utd. Final result: 3-0!!

The final in itself lacked drama, the Round of 16 vs Liverpool, and the Semi final against Real Madrid were much more nervy affairs.

But, for now, the Pentagon Challenge is complete!!

I'll stick around for the World Cup, then it's time to decide what's next!

if you've followed this thread from the beginning, thank you! If you're new, welcome. I know it's not been the greatest of stories, lacking in screenshots, but there have been uploaded YouTube clips of a few games here and there. So, again thanks for reading! Be back soon!
Well, so much for the added bonus of a World Cup win!

Going into the finals, England were ranked 5th. We beat 1st place Germany in the Groups, 4th placed France in the quarter finals, then beat 2nd placed Argentina in the semis. But, 3rd ranked Holland were too much. They broke English hearts with a late 90+3rd minute goal to take the trophy!

i have resigned from AC Milan, but I will stay on with England for a bit longer. Who knows, there's always the Euro!
In the meantime, I've put together a quick summary of my wins with the various clubs:

New England Revolution (January 1, 2011 – March 23, 2014: 1,178 days)
Major League Soccer: 2011, 2013
US Cup: 2012
North American Champions League: 2013

Kaizer Chiefs (March 23, 2014 – November 29, 2018: 1,712 days)
South African Premier League: 2016, 2017, 2018
South African FA Cup: 2016
​South African Super Eight Cup: 2015, 2016, 2017
South African Knockout Cup: 2015
African Champions League: 2017
African Super Cup: 2018

Guangzhou (November 29, 2018 – January 26, 2021: 789 days)
Chinese Super League: 2019, 2020
​Chinese FA Cup: 2019
Chinese Super Cup: 2020, 2021
Chinese Super League All Star Game: 2019, 2020
Asian Champions League: 2020

Boca Juniors (March 26, 2022 – July 21, 2022: 117 days)
Copa Libertadores: 2022

A.C. Milan (December 12, 2024 June 26, 2026: 562 days)
Serie A: 2025, 2026
Italian Cup: 2025
Italian Super Cup: 2025
​UEFA Champions League: 2026
​UEFA Europa League: 2025
UEFA Super Cup: 2025
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I've taken the Argentina position! I was sad to leave England, but Argentina I feel I can take all the way. I've also turned on the Brazilian leagues; I've decided that is where I will finish my managerial career. In game terms I'm only 40 (yes, I set my starting age as the lowest possible...). So there's plenty of time left. Right now, I'm 8th on the Worldwide HoF.

Besides, I think the game loses something once all the real players move on. It's 2026, and most of the star players are regens; another reason to go to discover those awesome youth prospects and sell them to the European teams for loads of money!!