May 22, 2010
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The amount of people who complained about this game being broken with incredibly high. Higher than the last 3 years.

I complained too. Not that it was "broken" but that I didint like some of the bugs.

But holy ****. The American Sim City Launch has been a TOTAL disaster.

Launch at 12:05 am EST on the 5th. They just started REMOVING online features to get the game to work. They pulled 3 core pieces of the gameplay in an effort to make the game work at all. It still doesnt work. I have only been able to play for about 2 hours. The server deleted that city anyways cause it felt like it though. The rest of the time the entire origin and maxis(amazon) server infrastructure hasn't been functioning.

People really paid 60-80 dollars for a game that flat out doesnt work.

Makes SI, Sega look like geniuses.

I posted here because its a simulation, like FM.

But, gives me a chance to get back to my FM save. ha.
City simulation....please point out the similarity?

Well at least this is making EA look really bad. The shame about it is that all the reviewers are saying that behind all the bs with the game being down there's a wonderful game to play. Hopefully this will make EA more introspective at how their DRM/no preload is really making it difficult to enjoy the good games that they're making.
Sim City 2000 was the only good one. All the versions since then were awful. The only purpose they served was to remind you how brilliant Sim City 2000 was and to make you start a new game on that.

Does it work on Windows 8? I might start a new city.
I would have bought Sim City, but I didn't since you can only play it if you are always connected to the Internet... Dammit.
Well, I guess more FM for me :)
Any game that required skill, concentration and on-the-game learning will alway be hated by the 'plug and play' gamers. They are hating on it beacause they can't becoming God's at it on a first sitting.