Pep Guardiola at FC Bayern Munich - Football Manager 2013 Test

Interesting. On my save in season 2013/14 he did manage to get to CC finals.

Would be interesting to know how some key players performed.

Funny thing: 2013/14, German Bundesliga, highest avg. rating & most assists: Christian Fuchs! Way to go Fuchsi, way to go! :D
(and Alaba is pronounced the second way you did).
Watching your video's now! Ive done this in my newest save, I put Guardiola and Moyes to their new clubs, and im playing as Lens so shouldn't make that much of a difference to the results, will see how it turns out in my save!
In my game, Guardiola lasted till February before he was sacked and joined Barca. Klopp took his place and I took over at Dortmund... Moyes finished 5th but managed not to get sacked!