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Pep's City High Possession Based - Fungi

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*This tactic is suitable for those who wish to partway from the high tempo - high intensity meta. It only works with top clubs like Man City, Liverpool, United, etc. I took a direct inspiration from Pep's work at Man City when creating this tactic.

*What's guaranteed:
- Dominating Possession (consistent top 1 in possession when using City)
- Scoring high volumes of goals (Over 120 goals a season - ofc it also varies with who you have as your AF)
- Man City's common shapes:
+ 2-3-5 attacking shape
+ 4-1-4-1 or 4-5-1 defensive shape
- Pretty passing maps (check it out yourselves)

- High-line pressing
- Organized attacks

- Your AF (number 9) is the main scoring threat and thus a focus in your scouting and transfers
- The 2 most vital positions are the single pivot (DM) and the fullbacks (IWB). IWBs would need special attention during transfers and training.

*Set pieces:
- You can use your own, mine simply deploys the well-known near post attack corners.


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Do you play this tactic normal or holiday?

Both. I do holidays for most of the results and do normal for big games. Having human coach is MUCH MUCH better than the holiday AI. But I got lazy lmao.

As a human coach, we got some massive win, like 5-0 against Pool, 8-0 against Pool in the 2nd season. Personally, I have not lost a single match with this tactics when I was holding the club, the AI lost points here and there.
Oh, no instructions from the staffs. I should have mentioned this. I do my own tweakings in-game.