Oct 31, 2010
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The Challenge is to win 38 out of 38 in the premier league. Simple but tricky.

This has been my objective for such a long time, I am still not their but am getting closer currently got 10 games won in a row, still 28 to go but have a good feeling about this season. So was wondering if anyone done this before, or willling to try too.
I've won 16 in a row with Arsenal but 38 is close to impossible and it's unrealistic. But, hats off if anyone does achieve it.
This is impossible unless you decide to cheat. You could do this but you would need a squad full of quality and you would need to constontaly rotate. And remember you have another 3 competions to play in aswell...
never won every game, seems v unlikely without cheating, ive had unbeaten seasons but always had a few draws in there. fair play if anyone does it for real though!
i've been close, but draws against the likes of spurs, man utd and other big teams. closest i've come is 35 wins, 2 draws and 1 lost.
Gotta be impossible, and you would need great talent and quality in depth to keep your team fit and fresh. Unbeaten seasons are more likely..but theirs always that one defeat right near the end of the season that ruins it all :(
impossible, i won the first 16 games of the season with chelsea the BANG 2-0 loss to BLACKPOOL!!!! game is to unpredictable. just like really life football i suppose. so hats off to SI for the relisim
Came close last season, it's my goal again this season. Currently on a 50 game unbeaten run in the league and around 16 straight wins.

It's not impossible. I reckon it'd be easiest in the portuguese league as porto/benfica. You've only got to worry about 2 of the "big 3" + Braga, everyone else would just be used for goal difference.
Iv never done it on fm 11 but i seen the computer manage it in fm10 as barcelona. P38,W38...was shocked when i seen it.
I have brillinat squad and 250m transfer kitty. I don't think it really as impossible as you say although it sounds like many of you have been in my situation and lost in stupid games, but i putting a lot of effort into every game at the moment, if I continue to make sure each game to counter every indivual threat i hope i can do it
i think i saw it somewhere on the forum
one guy had 38/38 with Man City
its on a thread for some tactics but i can't remember the name
its not impossible, its just hard.. IRL it would be impossible but with Man City you can do it, almost did it 2016/2017 :)
It'd be impossible in season 1 or 2. I think the closest I've got is around 21/22 wins before drawing or losing, never done it on FM.

Cm01/02 however ;)
done it before, all u need is a big squad and great tacticS, i stress tactics as i change mine according to the opposition
Got to 34 straight wins with Barcelona in my first season, then lost the last 4 games of the season.
Even with a squad of 25 world class players it would still be very unlikely. It will always happen where there will be at least one game when you absolutely batter the other team but FM ***** you over and you lose. Kudos to anybody who can do it without cheating.
yh thats what happened to me last time with man u 10cccs and still lose 1-0 to an own goal =(
I did it with Newcastle. I went perfect in the league and actually had like 97 game winning streak in the league. It wasn't until like 2024 when I did it or not. Yes I had a very stacked team and won Champs league, but lost in the FA Cup and League Cup that year. Also had a 312 million transfer budget too. It can be done, but I don't think like some people say in the first two years. I can never come close, but give me about 20 seasons with a team and I could if the facilitates and everything else was top notch. This was also on 11.1 patch as well. Haven't come close on 11.2 yet although I am using A.D. Alcorcon and a Dartford.
It's not impossible, it'll just take a super team (based on the league) and a well thought out tactic that is defensively sounds, and also gets the goals.

Also, I know it's possible as I did it on 2010 during my 5th season as Arsenal, granted I lost game in the FA Cup, League Cup & Champions League but I won 38 game out of 38 in the league.
Got close once on my 2009 game with Arsenal. 35 wins and 3 draws. There always seems to be one game where you aren't going to win no matter what you do.