Dec 12, 2010
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I know that it isn't very difficult to play with Barça and with the right tactic they can win everything in the first season. However it is my favourite team and I want to start a new save with them.
Now I want to know which players I should buy for the first season? I can maximise my transfer budget to 18 mio (euro). I don't know if I should start to buy young talents or 1 expensive players who would fit perfectly in my squad. Normally I always buy these players:
Lucas (Sao Paulo) 4,2 mio
Vaclav Kadlec (Sparta Praha) 2 mio
Dodo (Corinthians) 1,5 mio
and sometimes
Lukaku (Anderlecht) 8 mio
Tiago Alves (Santos) 2-4 mio
Neuton (Gremio) free transfer

The problem is that I always get too many players with a non-eu status or too many central strikers. So should I only buy one/two more expensive players like Eden Hazard (nearly 17 mio).
Or which player would you recommend me?

Thank in advance
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I am not a fan of loaning players and then I would have too much players in the squad.
I use to always end up with too many players as well.

Try to keep to one tactic then only buy youngsters when your first team players (e.g. Xavi, Puyol) are starting to get old (32-33) or a little earlier so that when they retire you have perfectly good youngsters to replace them, and your academy should supply you with good enough back-up possibly first team youngsters, so try not to sign every brilliant youngster/regen !
That's always my problem. Everytime I see a good youngster I try to buy him. For example: last time I played with barça I bought Lukaku and Kadlec. So I had 4 strikers for 1 position and later I got Keirrison back and Tiago Alves who was in my -19 squad came to the first team. So finally I had 6 centre forwards for only 1 position. I think this time I will only buy Tiago Alves and Lucas or are there any players which I must buy?
Try play with 2 up front. Neymar always does well for me with barca alongside david villa. Id go for quality rather than quantity. my suggestions are:
Neymar or Lukaka,
Rene Adler or David De Gea to replace Valdes,
Chinelli as a rotation or Mexes if hes available cheap,
Marek Hamsik or Eden Hazard to add strenght in midfield.

4 signings that will reap the rewards for your team :)
Yes, but its the first season and I probably won't get all these players with 18 mio. How much does Ganso or Neymar cost in the first season? In my second season I generally buy Pastore or Hazard, so I will have to wait a season.
I wouldnt bother with massive signings

dont buy a striker because you only play 1 upfront and you have Villa, Bojan and Rochina who turns out pretty good, so dont buy a striker

Buy Kevin from Zaragova to replace Xavi, he can also play in the first team straight away so your covered there. You could buy Ander as well but he';s more expensive

Buy a young defender to cover your central defenders because you only really have milito, someone like Gaelano as he becomes very good and can eventually replace Puyol

that should be all :)
Yes,I think Kevin would be a good signing, but I also have Thiago an he always played well for me. He even scored in the cl final the 2-1 for me in a former save. What would you think about Dede or Neuton as central defender?
While I haven't played with Barca myself, and cannot help you in the area of good signings for them specifically, you should note that Lucas from Sao Paulo has a release clause of 3.6 million.
Sorry mate i dont have any experience with Neuton or Dede but i know Leonal Gaelano is usually touted as the next Walter Samuel and you could get Milito to tutor him
Yes, Lucas is a good signing becuase he can play on the wings as well
Now in 2015 in my Barcelona save I've gotten rid of Puyol, Milito, Xavi, Abidal and bought (1stseason) Cesc F. and Neymar. After that I bough young super promising regens circa 16-18 years and the last season the only guys form the original Barcelona were Messi and Pique, so I've made it a challenge to be a world power with youngsters
don't buy anyone
promote Thiago and Muniesa to replace Xavi and Puyol later in the game
also buy Alcacer or Kadlec to learn from Villa
They're the two best young poacher
you can buy each of the for 2 mil
and kadlec can play also AML
and train Bojan for AMR
so you can rotate your squad
and later buy De Gea to replace Valdes
well i'd sell all those useless players below seydou keita (sort from the most valuable to least)
have muniesa and thiago tutored or loan them out, sell bojan
if you want a poacher get kadlec or yaya sanogo
if you want cf's or target man get lukaku or lacina traore
eden hazard is a good AMLC
and you SHOULD get cesar azpilicueta from OM he is spanish, a rickback and on of the best
and if you want to replace valdes choose from these keepers;
guillermo ochoa , neuer (schalke) , rene adler
or you can check some regen as there is still sometime till valdes becomes useless
MC's - zaragoza's ander and kevin are great wonderkids
I would keep Bojan, he is alright for back up. Perhaps buy a CB, sell Keita and buy Ramsey?
I bought Lucas (Sao Paulo), Kevin, Alcacer, Thiago Alves(will come in the 2011) and Rafael Galhardo. I tink this should be enough. Next I will promote Thiago. Muniesa is currently on loan.