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Performance issues with my team: Require role suggestions to optimize

Nov 15, 2011
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2nd Season in the Premier League and I use this. Here is my current squad up to this point too.
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This formation and pretty much this team got me 10th in my previous season but the problems this formation has surfaced are really biting me in the rear. I haven't changed any of the sliders either on any individual player. I often use standard to any team that isn't of top 6 calibre and counter for the top top teams. Have been using 'Control' recently also and that works at home but I dare not use it away.

I am media expected to get 13th but I believe top 10 is (or was a possibility) but the following problems are occurring.
  • Isolated wide men and a congested middle (even if I reverse the wide players roles to support and the AP to attack.
  • Striker isn't getting in behind with the 'Pass into space' shout which I have never had a problem with before...
  • Chance creation is poor at times
  • Don't ever seem to have players hitting rebounds or enough bodies in the box
  • Concede from scrappy play a fair bit
That is just some of a few problems I face but I feel it could be coming from the actual roles I have set rather than the personnel.

If you require any more information then I will provide it. Please and Thank you.

tactical edit: the dlp is now a bwm and the wingers are inside forwards. Seems to help the striker but chance creation is still pants
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