Nov 25, 2012
Reaction score
I have recently started a game as Milan and have just finished my third league match against Parma. I won the game 4-2, but was fuming at the amount of bookings during the game my team collected (8 in total), as well as the ridiculous point that I was awarded 4 penalties (1 missed). Firstly I'd like to point out each midfielder was given the instruction of cautious tackling yet this proved pointless anyway. However, this isn't the major issue here. After the game I checked the match report, which then said that only 3 of my players were booked, even though during the game 8 of them were. I then decided to check the player ratings, and the formation that I had fielded was a totally different one than in the ratings section. For example, Luca Antonini was my left-back for that game, but in the player ratings section it had down Kevin-Constant as my starting left-back (definitely wasn't!), also I started with Adryan as my attacking midfielder, yet the player ratings said that Dario Conca was my starting AM in that match (again, definitely wasn't). I have been playing these games for about 10 years now and have to say I am furious at how this version has had no end of bugs and errors. Has anyone else noticed this bug? I will be sure to keep track of this through my season and post screenshots