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Perugia 3rd Season Seria B


Nov 28, 2011
This thread is for people with more in-dept knowledge with the Italian leagues and this is why I will require some kind of analyses of the players, you guys can offer me to buy.

This is basically my squad and my tactic
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As you can see I am using maxi87's 3-6-1 with sweeper and I play a rather defensive formation and style. This is how I got 2 promotions in a row, won the Italian C sup once and played in the Italian Cup second leg where I barely lost to Inter Reserves 3:2.

I have a lot of players which contracts I am not going to review and I moved them to my reserve team.
My current problem is that a lot of my players are declining. Starting with my current assistant manager who was my team's captain, but got injured which forced me to look for his replacement as an anchorman and continuing with my reserve GK who is going to be my goalkeeping coach next season.

Goal Keeper

Sciarrone's profile: One of my main players last season, but I want a GK that will turn into my main GK in Seria A. Someone young and with a future. In my strategy the goalkeeper is extremely important. I would love to hear your suggestions as this is the only position I want to spend some transfer money on.
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Now I have Materazzi who just set a date for retirment, 2 more rotation defenders who are also retiring, one of my main defenders, Ivan Franceschini is also declining quickly. My main forward, Mohammed Gulraiz now costs 800k and there are number of clubs willing to offer more than 1 mil for his service.

Ivan Franceschini's profile:as you can see, he will not be good enough for Seria B, but I will use him as a rotation and a tutor.
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Marco Pecorari's profile: I need an advice for this player. He was my main Libero last season, but I am not sure if he has the ability to do it again in Seria B. Would I need a new Libero and which are your suggestions for this position?
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Pierluigi Borgheti's profile: My best defender last season. He is still young and can develop a bit more I think. He will def be one of my main stoppers this season and I hope he can contribute, but I also hope I can sell him by the end of the season and replace him with a better player.
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I also have 2 young defenders - Carboni and Spendlhofer. While the first is not meeting the expectations, the second is a young Austrian international who was also one of my anchormans last season, whom I will try to develope. But what do you think about Carboni? Does he worths the play time to develope or I should sell him?
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Players to join me

Andrea Beduschi's profile: I think a player that has a future in my squad even in Seria A. Do you think he is prospective enough for a good Seria A defender?
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Still in need of a 2 defenders - one Libero and 1 stopper as it seems. But I would rather hear your analyses of the players before spending some money on the market or approaching players to sign for me.

Wide players

In my case I have 2 positions that give wide in my play - Left Wing Back and a Right Defensive Winger.

On the left side I have
Antonio Esposito: who is a young player with decent physical and mental attributes but lacking technical abilities
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Fabio Grosso: is joining me and I think this position is secured for at least 2 seasons unless you guys suggest me a decent young player who Grosso can tutor, but I think I prefer saving money for Capuano.
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On the right side I got

The decent young player Luppi, who I will play and try to develop a bit.
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Also the Drascek is playing here. He was one of my main players but he started declining as a player. There is also some interest in him and I might even sell him. What do you think?
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However I always wanted this position to be covered from someone who will be the future Cristian Maggio. Any suggestions for such a player?


This is the only zone I think I have covered fully.

My main Anchorman will be Lorenzo Crisetig who is joining me next season.
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My Deep Lying Playmaker is Doninelli who is good enough for my future plans, but I also approached Cicirreti. There is some interest in Doninelli and I am wondering if I should sell him if the right price comes.
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In the same time I have players who can cover when there are some injuries:
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Again here I am well covered and I have a lot of good players.

Muhammed Gulraiz is my best player. In c2B he scored 37 goals as a poacher and in c1B he did lots of assists and scored some goals as Advanced Playmaker on the left side. There is a huge interest on this player and I might grab more than a milion for him. Does it worth selling my best forward? Do not answer before seeing the rest of my players.
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Malafronte was my main goalscorer last season, a good poacher. However he is very prone to injuries, but when he plays he scores.
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Camilo Ciano is another good poacher and sometimes I use him as Attacking Mid. I wonder if he would be able to contribute enough if I sell Gulraiz and if Malafronte is injured.
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Gianpiero Clemente was my main Attacking Mid but he is declining. However I will use him as rotation and a tutor for my young players.
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Players joining me

Davice Petrucci is my future star to replace either Clemente or Gulraiz or even maby both. This is why I am optimistic about selling Gulraiz, however I think that I might need both if I plan to attack promotion this season for Seria A.

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Denis Alibec is another player comming in to replace Gulraiz. I would say he is a good poacher for Seria B and decent for Seria A.

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Alright after introducing you my squad let me tell you about my goals. My short term plan is to win promotion for Seria A (if possible win Seria B) and reach the Italian cup first leg as the money they give are very good. My long term plans is to build a squad that can fight for European zone qualification as soon as possible. That includes getting the best possible players from this season and training and gelling the squad for the future. Meanwhile I need to upgrade my training facilities and make a team of 22 players that can play good in the EU tournaments and attack the top 3 in Seria A in 3 seasons.

From you guys I would like suggestions for these positions - GK, Libero, Stopper, Defensive Winger Right, Left Wingback, Left Attacking Playmaker/Attacking Mid Center and a Poacher for the long term 3 season plan.
And GK, Libero, Stopper, Defensive Wing Right for the short term - winning the Seria B.

I would appreciate any kind of analyses of my squad and pointing out who of my current players beside Crisetig and Petrucci have a role in my team with my goals.