PES5 Meat theme Master League


The trequartista
Oct 4, 2005
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This is a wierd question to ask but can anybody think of player names that have some form of meat in there name for a themed master league team? It doesnt matter if they are not in the game i'll just create them. So far me and a few friends have come up with.

Ji Sung Pork (J-S Park)
Bacon (Maicon)
Philip Sundayroast (Philip Senderos - Not exactly meat but amused me anyway)
David Beck-ham (obvious)
Philip Lamb (Philip Lahm)
Frank Spare-Ribery (Frank Ribery)
Sean Chicken-Fillets (SWP)
Patrik Burger (Patrik Berger)

I know it's crazy but we could do with the help as we're stuck :( Anyone?
:eek: must be bored with PES!!

Dennis Burgerkamp?
Yes pretty bored but that's not the reason behind it, it's an inside joke. Thanks for the Bergerkamp but we only need a goalkeeper now, seems a waste of time asking now even though we're still needing one player.
Thomas Hitzels-burger

Hmmm a keeper.....i dunno
meat schwarzer
jussi jaaskePIEnan
dean PIEly (kiely:|)

scraped the barrel there
Lol,really at the bottom of it :p

Meh i cant think of anything better
Edwin Ham Der Sar
Edwin Lamb Der Sar