May 18, 2013
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Pescara manager Cristiano Bergodi has been sacked!.. The board believe his salary is too high and do not believe he can take the club forward. Sources believe that the fall out was over the lack of transfer fees given to the manager to improve his side. Sky sources have said Maldini is favourite for the job, due to his experianced past playing in Serie A, however he has expressed he would rather be a coach. Other bookies predict that a manager will come to reign, due to the poor financial status at the current moment. Pescara who are predicted 19th, need a inexperienced manager as soon as possible.


Pescara Appoint Figment as new manager!

English born Figment has been appointed manager of Pescara. Figment has told sky sources that he would like to bring in Maldini into the assistant manager role. Maldini, an Italian icon expressed that he would rather be a coach then a manager would need convincing to become the assistant manager. Figment " I would love to bring in Maldini; His experience is second to none and I believe having him as the assistant manager will help us dramatically.




Not to happy.. With no transfer budget it was hard to sign players. When my loan scouting report came back there was two juventus strikers on the market. I knew i needed strikers if I was to survive the drop. Litmanen came in only for his experience. Whilst Bodde came in for backup. Not much I could do, but atleast my board dont expect to much.

Tactic+Starting 11

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Pre season was poor. It makes me doubt we can survive the drop. Looking at the teams we played we should have won them all. But we did give some of the young talent a go.
Italian cup 3rd round

Was a convincing win against serie C1/B side Virtus Entella. a 3-0 result was more than expected of us. goalscorers: Padovan,Cosic and a own goal sealed the game.
Serie A


Then a 3-1 away win to Bologna; First game of the season, started with 3 points. Very exciting game. Pescara was all over them from the off.Goal scorers: Caprari,Cascione,Weiss

Player of the month

Uros Cosic playing 3 games getting 1 goal playing CB. Getting a 8.00 amr

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Clearly over achiveing during the month of september with wins against teams we should be losing against; and draws against teams we should be winning against. But overall very pleased

Serie A

Second game in the league and a dramatic win against title contenders Napoli could be the highlight of the season. A great win for us!

Goalscorers: Cascione, D'Agostino

Serie A


Another win! Making us top of the table with 9 points. 100% record in all competitions also.

Goalscorers: Caprari, Cascione and Cosic
Serie A


Going 1-0 up from a goal inside 4 mins, I was confident that it was going to be a easy win, however 70th min came, and a equaliser ruined our hopes of that. A game we shouldnt have drew.

Serie A


Going 2-0 up at half time, followed by a poor second half, the result was coming. Due to our good run of form, we were expected to win the last 2 games.

Goalscorers : Cosic, Cascione

Player of the month


Getting 3 goals in 4 games from center mid, it would have been silly not to give it to him.


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A small month overall, not so pleasing though.
Serie A


Going 1-0 up gave me the confidence to go on and win the game. However we go on to lose 2-1. I believe the team as a whole aint strong enough. I have no substitutes to be perfectly hounest.

Goalscorers: Padovan

Serie A


A 1-1 draw to Lazio was a decent result. Going 1-0 down until super sub Padovan came on and scored once again! Overall good result.. As I see them as at least top 6.

Serie A


Poor result, I was not happy. I know its Inter but 6-1, doesnt replicate our abilty. Poor end to the month.
Goalscorers: Cosic

Player of the Month​


Scored 2 goals in 3 games this month. Fully deserved.
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Nice start mate, but I can't see an enlarger image of the screenshots?
Mmh, didnt notice that. Ill look around for another screen capturing software. Thanks for telling me.

The month started pleasing however wasnt how I expected it to turn out.

Serie A


A 1-1 draw to Juventus is a very good result despite going 1-0 up from a penalty. They then replied with a penalty however it was missed but if fell to Bendtner who put it away.

Goalscorers: D'Agostino

Serie A


Thought we was going to win. Going 1-0 up to lose 2-1 is gutting. Not much to say but it seems we cant lead for the whole game.

Goalscorer: Capuano​
Serie A


A bad result, we didnt deserve to win, chances from our strikers were not finished, to which most where one on ones.

Goalscorer: Cosic

Serie A


Another poor, poor result. Not going to comment on such a terrible performance.

Goalscorer: D'Agostino

Italian cup 4th round


Another game played, another loss. We lost in extra tme which is gutting. All it did it make my team unfit for the next set of games.

Player of the month: D'Agostino