Peter Lovelypants


Oct 25, 2005
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After the interest SMac showed him at the beginning of the season, many a Rangers fan practically begged us to take him. After last night whats the feeling around town?
the feelings worse since Boro. Hes been **** all season.

Even last night he was nothing special, made some good runs but that was about it.

Hes still one of the worst players in the SPL
Now Now he is better than Colin Samual lets give him that
As the commentator said last night: he can play on his day, but on an off day he's **** (worded differently ofcourse)
Colin Samuels actually starting to improve, he was good against Celtic anyway.

I would have gave that to lvenkrands a few years ago Douy. But hes not had one 'good' day all season.
hehe lovelypants...iam still gald we havnt got him...but he seems to hav some kind of potential tho
If we get a winger it will be Doula. :cool:
Was he the one who scored against inter the other day?

Was quite a good goal.

Abit off topic but on the description of the sub-forum..

Sean you have spelt the word league wrong ;)
yeah, he was the one who scored against Inter, he played well against Inter he just needs to be stronger on the ball
Jack said:
Sean you have spelt the word league wrong ;)

Yes, thanks for pointing it out. Corrected.
Lovenkrands got a hat trick today....

He's on form now :)
Looks like he can play on his day...
yeah, but now he'll be **** for the rest of the season...

He turned down a Rangers offer to renew his contract, even though he wants to stay, because the wages were too low :|
its cos hes that good they offered to cut his wages
His form continues, got the goal against hearts :)
What an enigma!!

How many goals and how many games has he played this season? Is he scoring from up front or in the midfield?
I don't think he'd scored many before the Inter game, but he's on a roll now :D He plays in different posistions, depends what position he is needed in really.
ATM he is play upfront

befroe his 'run' he hadnt scored, or maybe one which was a pen but i think thats included in his 'run'