Peter Shilton comes out of retirement to manage the 8th Division side Warrington Town


Nov 3, 2010
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Manager Name: Peter Shilton
D.O.B: 11th September 1949


Club: Warrington Town

Nicknames: The Wire, The Yellows, The Warriors.

Peter Shilton makes a shock return to football today, taking charge of the The Evo-Stik League - First Division North team Warrington Town.

Ex-manager Joey Dunn made an unexpected exit from the 8th division side after a fallout with chairman Gary Bishop after he was allegedly found sleeping with his wife. In a recent press conference with Dunn, he refused to pass comment on the matter, only saying he is heartbroken to have to leave the club.

Bishop soon set out to find a replacement for Dunn, and hit a stroke of luck when ex England International goalkeeper Peter Shilton signed a 2 year deal at the Wire, promising to create magic at the club and raise their profile in the footballing world.

In a press conference with Shilton he said “I’m delighted to have signed for Warrington and I’m looking forward to working with the players and reshaping the club into a much more potent strikeforce.”

When asked why he came out of retirement to manage The Wire he responded by saying “I am a good friend of Gary’s and I would love the oppurtunity to work alongside him and help him get the club up through the leagues, hopefully eventually winning some silverware for the club. I was also pretty bored sitting on my **** all day at home and thought it’d be a fantastic way of getting out there.”

A reporter from Wire FM, the local radio station in Warrington asked him about if he would be dabbling in the transfer aret at all, Shilton was very to the point and responded by saying “No, I have brought in one young player who is a family friend of Gary Skentlebury [the clubs administrator] – Tom Horton. He is a great prospect for the club and at only 19 years of age I suspect he will shine for the club in the coming years, and hopefully stick with us through the highs and lows – as a local lad this is the least we can expect from him.

“But apart from that, there will definitely be no more transfers for the time being”

Shiltons first game in charge will be a friendly against Glapwell, from the 8th Division Southern League, and many of The Wire’s fans will be hoping for a cracking start for Shilton, even if it is just a friendly.

With the new manager the club have decided to reface the club by penning new contracts with kit manufacturers and kit sponsors. Bishop announced that the new kits will be released for the public shortly.

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Manager: Peter Shilton
Club: Warrington Town

Peter Shilton has announced today that he is delighted to be welcoming on board a new young striker to his Warrington Town team.

Tom Horton, a 19 year old, versatile attacking player, is a friend of Gary Skentlebury (the administrator of Warrington Town), and was brought to the attention of Peter Shilton by Mr. Skantlebury straight as he signed, and is rumoured that he signed even before Shilton’s press conference to announce his return from retirement.

The young striker, a local lad from Warrington, got to know Gary through the work he does around a local charity in which Gary is a trustee. Horton got in touch with Gary when he felt ready to take on new challenges and Gary was more than happy to see him play and see if he was good enough for the team. Gary is no scout but he can recognise talent when it is stood right infront of him dominating the football field.

After Gary Skentlebury returned to the ex-Warrington Town manager, Joey Dunn, he was having none of it and didn’t trust Gary’s opinion in the slightest.

It is to Gary’s delight though, that Shilton has agreed to sign the youngster on a 5 year contract, putting all of his trust into the youngsters ability to shine.

Shilton also praised Horton in how versatile of a player he is, saying “I love players like Tom, especially when hes so young. He has the ability to shine in any position in the final third and is also a very adept wide midfielder. He plays best right up there because of his speed, determination and his amazingly rounded finising ability – adept in all areas of shooting, favouring all types of shots from lobs to scorching 30-yarders.

“And it is because of that that I am delighted to be able to bring Tom in to the team and hopefully give everybody here a massive confidence boost”

When asked about signing to the new club, Horton responded by saying "I am delighted to finally be able to join my local team. I have been to watch the Warriors a couple of times in the past and the atmosphere is great, even for such a small ground. I am good friends with Gary and am happy to be finally working at the same place as him."


Horton is only young, and was quite star-struck when meeting Shilton, and even more thrilled to be playing for him. "Even just meeting someone like Peter Shilton is a dream come true for anyone, never mind a young footballer like myself. When I first met him to discuss signing for Warrington I was completely lost for words, and was almost about to try and get a photo of me and him on my phone like you do when you see a celeb in the streets! But it hit me that hes actually going to be my manager and I'm positive I'll get plenty taken by the press!

"It's something of a dream come true, and my family are ecstatic and extremely proud of me, i just hope i can make them even more proud by become a star in the future."

Some people say that Horton could end up being another footballer letting his side down, going out drinking every weekend and turning up to training with hangovers. Seen below at one of his many night's out, when he was questioned on the subject he completely denied any such possibility. "I was lke that while at uni, but now I am doing this, I am in a profession now that requires me not to do such things, and so be it. Going out getting trollied is something I enjoy, but playing football I enjoy more, and I won't let anything get in my way, especially not alcohol."


Horton is expected to be in the starting 11 at the Wire for most games, starting this weekend in the derbyshire village of Glapwell, where he will hopefully make a mark straight away for the club.

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Manager: Peter Shilton
Club: Warrington Town

Warrington Town Chairman, Gary Bishop, and Manager Peter Shilton are delighted to announce that they have received new sponsorship for the Wire’s football kits from the North West Development Agency (NWDA), and they have also sought out a new manufacturer for the kits in Le Coq Sportif.

The board have decided to keep the colours the same, as Warrington is represented by Primrose and Blue, but making the kits look new, fresh and modern, hoping that extra little touches like these will push the club that one step futher in its path to glory.

The kits (below), feature the same colours as the old kits, and of the Warrington Wolves R.F.C to keep in tradition with the town’s past, and also feature the crest for Warrington itself, charman Gary Bishop saying the reasoning behind the crest was “We wanted to stay traditional with the new kits, but also giving them a new, clean look. The easiest, and most sensible way to keep in with tradition is to stick with both the colours of the town and the crest of the town.

“We gave the kits a new look to make the team look new and smarter on the football field, keeping up-to date with modern design while using the aforementioned traditions tokeep them recognisible as Warrington’s own.”

The new kits can be seen below.




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Manager: Peter Shilton
Club: Warrington Town



After much speculation about the management abilities of Peter Shilton afer his shock return from retirement earlier this week, this friendly match ended in a very drab draw.

Warrington Town were the only team to show any threat infront of goal, creating only one chance that went begging amongst 7 shots, only one of which was on target.

Possession was quite even towards the end, which is reflected in the scorecard.

I’m sure both managers are happy with the result, although I’m sure they are also slightly disappointed deep down inside that their players didn’t create enough chances to trouble the opposition.

Another major talking point of this match was the debut for Warrington Town's new signing, Tom Horton.

Horton played ok throughout the match, setting up a nice pass for the only chance that Warrington had to trouble Glapwell.

Both Horton and Warrington Town are sure to improve over the next few games as they settle down with the new face of the club, new management and new tactics, and they are hoping to live up to their expectations this season.

Afer the match we spoke to the new Warrington manager Peter Shilton who didn’t have much to say about he match apart from “We played ok, I’m hoping for a bit more from the lads over the course of the next few weeks and I’ll be pushing for some good results in the pre-season to get out confidence up before the season starts.

“Tom had a good debut, almost getting the assist for the only goal in the match. Obviously I’m hoping he gets himself into some scoring positions too in future as he didn’t today, but I’m not going to go too deep into that as it will take some time for the teep to adapt to the massive changes that have gone on around here recently.”

After speaking to Shilton we had a quick word with Horton, who was more than welcome to speak to us. After being asked about his performance he resonded by saying “I’m not the best pleased with my performance, but I started to get into the swing of things towards the end o the game. I’ll be pushing myself hard in training to help mysef improve and hopefully start banging in some goals, I’m loving it at the club already and can see myself being here for a long time to come – if Peter is happy for me to stay here that is!”

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I play for warrington so will follow this closely, would love to shilts managing us
I play for warrington so will follow this closely, would love to shilts managing us

another warrington lad then? happy days

gonna do another update at the end of the pre-seasons, rumour has it that hes gone against his word on something.

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Manager: Peter Shilton
Club: Warrington Town

I think this is definitely a pre-season Warrington Town and Peter Shilton will both want to forget. Following on from the dull 0-0 draw at Glapwell, Warrington Town were hoping to kickstart their season by getting some high numbers down in the rest of the friendlies. To the dismay of the fans what happened was wuite the contrary.

Brymbo 1 - 1 Warrington
The next game was an away tie against Brymbo, ending in 1-1, which could have ended 2-1 to Brymbo except for a missed penalty by Joe Kendall. Late in the game Adam Bellamy got his second yellow causing him to see the red, Warrington fans got hopeful at that point of a late winner agains a weakened Brymbo side, but to their dismay it never came. Tom Horton opened his scoring account in this match, taking advantage of some sloppy defending, picking up on a loose ball just outside the 6-yard, smashing the ball home in the 19th minute.

Warrington 0 - 4 Retford
Next up were Retford, with Warrington being clear favourites the fans will be extremely disappointed at the poor display put on by Warrington, getting beat 4-0 at Cantilever Park, with Lee whittington getting a brace, opening and closing the goals of the day on the 3rd and 91st minute respectively.

Warrington 1 - 0 Gloucester
The Warrington team will definitely be low on confidence after losing such a game at home going into the next match against Gloucester, and having the odds stacked against them it didn’t look good for Warrington fans before this home tie. This is why I think everyone involved with the club will be dlighted by the display put on, especially by Anthony Hickey, who got the man of the match award after scoring the only goal. A 21st minute straight red for a professional foul by Will Morford definitely gave the home side the advantage.

Warrington 0 - 3 Kendal Town
Next up for the Wire were Kendal Town, also at home. After their lively display against Gloucester, Warrington fans were hoping for another win, a win which they didn’t get. Instead they ended up losing 3-0 to a dominating Kendal side, with goals for Laurence Brown, Aaron Taylor and Ross Penney.

Atherstone 2 - 1 Warrington
The last pre-season friendly for Warrington Town was an away game at Atherstone. Hoping to end the pre-season on a high, Shilton will be bitterly disappointed at their performance after getting one up on the Reds in the 39th minute by a nicely taken freekick landing right at the feet of Andrew Burns in acres of space, allowing him to stroll the ball over the line, to go down to 2-1 by the 68th minute after goals from Jake Turley and Ronnie Leonard. Ian Martin had a chance to make it 3-1 to the home side but missed a penalty in the 86th minute.


Warrington Town celebrating their win over Gloucester

During the last press conference Shilton said he was content with the team, but after the performances in the pre-season friendlies he has decided he needed to bring in a few players. He was delighted to bring in Andrew Burns, an 18 year old centre back from Bolton on a free transfer, who looks like a great prospect for the future.

He also brought in Lewis Proudfoot from Bolton on a free, a 17 year old left back. Shilton obviously thought there was a serious weak link at the back when he brought in another centre back, this time in the form of Bee Ami, another free transfer from Accrington. The last of the transfers is Craig Saunders, a 25 year old central midfielder who can work the ball well with his feet and has a good eye for a pass, he has been out of the game for a few years after being released from West Ham and hopes to get his career back on track with the Wire.


Lewis Proudfoot, playing for Bolton.

When speaking to Shilton about the pre-season he stated “I’m not fully happy with how the pre-season has gone, with only one win I’m hoping the lads can turn it around, and quickly – otherwise we could be risking relegation at the end of the season, I cant see me making any drastic changes though, as the team still need time to settle down – if after a few competitive games things havent changed I might start thinking about making some drastic changes.”

He was alo asked about going back on his promise of not changing the squad. “I was hoping I could stick to my word there, but there was a bit of a weak link at the back and I needed another skillful player in the midfield, in the long run I’m positive it will benefit the club greatly, as I now how more depth and more talent to work with – hopefully aiding us in our path to glory."

A quick roundup of the pre-season for Warrington Town:


Glapwell 0 – 0 Warrington
Brymbo 1 – 1 Warrington
Warrington 0 – 4 Retford
1 – 0 Gloucester

Warrington 0 – 3 Kendal Town
Atherstone 1 – 2 Warrington

Players in:
Andrew Burns - CB - Free
Lewis Proudfoot - LB - Free
Bee Ami - CB - Free
Craig Saunders - CM - Free

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Manager: Peter Shilton
Team: Warrington Town



“Not a bad start to the season” Was the respone from Shilton after being questioned about yet another boring 0-0 draw away at Ossett Albion. This was a small improvement in regards to creating chances for Warrington though, as they managed to get a clear chance on goal 3 times throughout the match, but none managed to get into the back of the net due to sloppy finishing, and the same can be said for Ossett, who had 2 easy chances on goal also let down by poor finishing.

Warrington were getting quite worried when their key player for the season, Tom Horton, was being aided off the field, limping, by the Warrington physio. Luckily it isn’t anything too serious and he is expected to be back in action before they play Salford on the 21st August, but he will definitely be out for the first round of the Northern League Presidents Cup on the 14th.

When asked about the injury, Horton looked quite hopeful. “It doesn’t look too bad, it just hurt a lot on the pitch and had to come off to save risking it getting worse. I just picked up a knock when colliding with Darren.”

Fans are eagerly anticipating Hortons return to the side at Cantilever Park, hoping he can get some good rest between now and then and get the club a much needed confidence-boosting 3 points against the Manchester side.
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im goinn to follow looks like a entertaining story