Feb 20, 2013
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Chapter 1: New beginnings

A cool breeze sweeps through the Milanello training complex. Excitement was in the air, after the recent arrival of Mario Balotelli the future was looking up for the AC Milan faithful all they need is a solid manager. After being considered as one of the most successful team in Italy winning only 2 Scudetto's since the 2003/2004 can be seen as a huge slant in the team high expectations. But with a new string of young players coming through the future looks bright for the 18 time Serie A winners. The plan for the day was to unveil both Mario and then announce the new manager, few had a clue who it could be.

10:30 - Manager announcement

As the press began to pile into the press room my first thought was what the **** have i let myself in for. I know nothing about Italy, it's football or culture. Oh well i'm going to need to get my head down early and crack on if i am going to get anything positive from the lads. I looked up at saw him, that prat Walter Cosgrove from the sun. I knew he'd have some smart comment to make. Mr Berlusconni walked in 10 minutes late and we got underway. Nothing special happened i was only asked the same mundane questions, well except one from Cosgrove it wasn't even worth the oxygen listening to him. Oh well of to training.

12:15 - First team training

Can't believe how long they kept me talking for, all i've wanted to do was get out on the grounds and meet the new lads. As soon as i walked out from the complex i noticed a couple lads sporting rather funky hairstyles could of seen me having one or two of them in my younger days. Once i'd formally introduced myself to the team i decided to get them to do some pretty basic exercises just so i could assess who are the top performers in the squad. I can easily say no one looked to bad, except for that Mesbah kid he has one of them faces you could just punch. As i was leaving i was approached by a man claiming to be my assistant he handed me a folder with a squad report in and a list of possible transfer targets, i decided to have a butcher before i headed home in my new company car. After i'd given it a good 10 minutes of examination i decided to head home after what i thought had been a good first day.


Hey guys, it wont always been this kind of in depth, i will only really do it on key matches or moments. Also if you would want me to do a kind of Bio for Phil just ask me and i will. Hope you enjoyed :)

Chapter 2: PreSeason

Once all the lads had got used to me being around i decided i needed to do a few things. Sort out my tactics and get in some reinforcements and ship out any and all deadwood i could, because believe me there were some shocking players here but some fantastic ones to. I decided that i was going to roll with 1 main formation but keep another 2 up my sleeve to keep it fresh.

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The first one is my main one. As you can see it's a very attacking minded formation with wing backs to allow more options out wide when the wingers cut in. The two central midfielders are both advanced playmakers but i may have to make one work as a box to box in order to get the best out of Prince. Hopefully the team will be able to dominate opponents when they become fluid.

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The other two tactics are nothing special one is a fairly common formation that uses a CAM with two midfielders behind to help control the midfield more making it a better controlling play style opposed to the all out attack of the first. With the second it is a very narrow one which has the aim of mainly seeing out the rest of a game if we are under high pressure against a big team.


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Once i had decided on the formations it was time to get in some better quality cover. I decided we only need two area's strengthened at this moment which was a winger and a central defender. Before i could buy anyone i needed to sell a few people who were hogging up the wage bill. Thankfully two of the worst culprits got snapped up pretty quickly. Hopefully Flamini and Bonera can kick on with the rest of there careers. I also managed to get De Sciglio, Bakaye Traore and Spagnoli loan moves to help them grow because there currently not at the level of player i want but i like them. Anyway onto the purchases.

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The first player i decided to go and pick up was young Wellington Nem for his £3.5 million release clause. For his price he looks like a bargain plus if he grows well enough he could become one of our main forwards or maybe even sell him on for a nice profit.

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While i picked up Nem i decided to go a pick up a future prospect. That's when i found young Ademilson for £5.25 million which was another release clause. I was hoping to loan him out but no one decided to come in for him which was a shame because it meant he chances would be limited. He will get some game time however he will only be 4th choice for the current moment.

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Once i had finished my south american expedition i decided to check out an Italian youngster called Giussepe Bellusci. It took me some hard bartering but i managed to get Catania down to £5.5 million for the youngster. For now he will be Mexes's main partner but no one is a nailed down starter.


I'm not going to sugar coat it, the preseason in terms of results was far from good. But the team showed a lot of promising signs that once they become a unit and understand one another they will be a real force. Only problem i could possibly see is they could take to long to gel. Hopefully i can prevent it being a problem for long.
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All in all i can be fairly pleased with the team. Fine the results weren't the best but other than that everything went picture perfect. Got in everyone without a hitch, pick up no major injuries and most of all the players seemed to welcome me better than my old co-workers did.