Planning on creating a team and need advice on where to put them?


Dec 3, 2011
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As the title says I am creating a team in editor. In the team I will be creating players each will have around 100 current ability and pa between -6 to -10. Anyway I was wondering what league I should place them in.

Judging by their ca they could fit into the Championship or league 1. Or could possibly start from blue square north or south and try to get them to the top. There is also the possibility of trying in the premier league but that would be very challenging.

I'm also open to putting them in the top league of a lower reputation nation such as Croatia or Denmark. But bear in mind most of the players are English but will be home grown.

so what do you guys think?
if you put them in the conference leagues, they might perform too well and attract interest from other clubs. there's also the danger of relegation if a team had players with 100 ca in a top division in europe

imo, league 1/2 level would be fine to allow the players to develop.