Platini set to be re-elected as Uefa president


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Apr 11, 2010
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Uefa president Michel Platini is set to be re-elected for another four-year term after being confirmed as the only candidate in next year's election.

Any rivals had to declare their candidacy to European football's governing body by Wednesday.
The former French captain, 55, beat longtime incumbent Lennart Johansson in a tight vote to gain the presidency in January 2007.

He will be formally re-elected at the Uefa Congress in Paris on 22 March.

Uefa said in a statement: "As of today, 23 December 2010, only one candidate has been announced - current Uefa president Michel Platini will be seeking a second four-year term of office from 2011 to 2015."
I just saw this on SSN. WHY THE **** WONT SOMEONE RUN AGAINST THIS *****!!!!
**** it. Football will just get worse and more controversial in the next 4 years then it seems.

The fact nobody else even applied to get elected shows the power he has.
The sooner Platini & Blatter GTFO of UEFA & FIFA, the better for everyone. They just don't have a clue. Especially these 5th officials. 'Oh heres a good idea, lets get 2 extra people who need to be paid a wage, instead of 2 cameras, which will cheaper as ****'.
Basically mainstream football is ran by 2 french dictators who can do as they please...unbelievable.