Play by mail managing games

May 3, 2007
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Just wondering whether anybody still plays postal versions of football managing games? if so, which ones and what ones do you think are the best if you have experienced them
Never played one befreo but I remember the adverts from when i was wee and read Match :)
Yeah thats what I remember! there were loads! i remember signing up to play one called soccer supremos years ago which had made up teams and names but was actually quite enjoyable! just wanted to see how far they've come along since then.
i was in one ages ago...well i joined thinking it was free then they asked for money so i told them where to go.
Never done one, but does anyone remember Brian Cloughs Football Fortunes for the Spectrum?
I really do not like the idea of play by mail manager games. Have never done one and never plan to do one in the future..
Dont remember that one but i loved playing Euroboss for the Speccy, could do up your stadium !