Play Championship Manager 3 with original database


Apr 27, 2014
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I managed to get CM3 to run with the original database on windows 7 by doing the following

1. Right click on computer - click advanced system settings - click Performance settings and tick 'Let windows decide what's best for my computer'

2. Install Championship Manager 3 from the CD ROM but do not start the game

3. Go to your C drive and click Program Files (x86) - click Championship Manager 3 and copy the Data folder, save this somewhere easy to find on your computer

4. Run the update patch - cm3_official_v304e.exe, (if you don't have the patch, it is available at website), don't start the game yet

5. Go to where you saved the original Data folder and copy this - go back to Program Files (x86) - Championship Manager3 and paste the Data folder - when you are asked to merge or replace the files, click 'Yes to all'

If you want to check the size of the Data folder, right click the folder, click properties it should be about 26.3MB

6. Put your CD ROM back in the computer and start the game

Hopefully this will work for anyone wishing to play CM3 with the original data, still my favourite as this is what started it all for me
Please let me know if anybody else has tried this out and got it working ok
Thanks. This is working for me. Have been trying to play this again for years [still think its the best version of CM/FM]. Tried a ton of things over the users like compatibility settings, virtual machines and qfixapp but this has been the best method yet. Playing it a week now without any crashes or save game corruptions.
terrific, I'm into 2004 Division 1 with Bristol Rovers and looking good for promotion to the Premier League
Hey Guys

Anybody have the orginal database the version i have is 3.0.4 and original i remember was alot better?

If you've got the original disc just follow the instructions at the beginning of this thread and that will give you the original database
Hi Jobar

Thanks for the quick reply and help, unfortunately the above is for the patch0304 i am looking for the orginal database version 1

I'll try to upload the original data folder, an easy way to check if it is the original is that James Flood plays for Stockport County in the original with really good stats and has no club and average stats in v304e
Unfortunately, not able to upload the database, so my original post is the only way to extract it at present and use it to overwrite the data folder in patch v304e
wow, over a thousand views...must be more people trying to play this version than I thought..
nice to see that the original post in this thread is being used in other forums, so it is obviously working for other fans of the game...
Has anybody tried this out on Windows 10 yet???