Player asking for new contract as promised, won't let me offer one!


Apr 11, 2014
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Hello all. :)
As per the title, I have a player that came through my youth ranks & now is a starter in my first team & he wants an upgraded contract from being a HP player.

I had interaction with the player & I promised him a new contract since asking for one.
I was going to let the contract run down to at least the last 2 years in he's deal so I wouldn't have to quadruple he's wages so soon
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Then when I try to offer the player a contract
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Im sure he's agent hating me shouldn't really have an impact considering the player keeps asking me for a contract.
The agent hates me since I ask every player to sack him!

So all I'm left with are these options which neither will really help me offer him a contract.
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Any help would be great. I really don't want to lose one of my future best players because of a potential "bug" where things are being contradicted.
I'm 1 game away from the end of the season, not sure whether that is a factor in offering a player a new contract.:mad:
Never mind, 2 broken promises later i was given the option to tell him he would be stupid to leave due to his social group and now he’s staying.
After further investigation it was the agent stopping the player from getting a new contract even though the player kept asking for one. I went into the editor and after removing me from the agents “disliked” people I was able to start offering contracts again.
Annoyingly the agent has the majority of players in NI in his books.
Rather than using the editor why didn't you try asking the player to get rid of the agent first? I find younger players are more likely to get rid of an agent if they want to stay a at club than keep one who won't let them negiotiate a new deal.
I was under the impression you could only ask players to sack agents is when the agent comes to you and asks for a contract on the players behalf...
I have got the agents sacked in the past but these days the players come to me rather than the agent. No way of sacking them. :$