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Jan 12, 2011
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right, so as the pool 2nd season i signed gerrard and carra as player coaches, they both have some good attributes but i had a few questions, is their CA/PA the same as their player stats? or is it shared? does the coaching go up as playing goes down? thanks in advance and if there is another thread dealing with this just link me to it please, i did try to search but i wasnt sure what the keywords would be so i wasnt very lucky
You mean you signed players at the end of their career as coaches ? Sorry about my english
They are completely separate. There is a player CA and PA, and then there is a non-player CA and PA. A good player is not necessarily a good coach. AFAIK, it is pretty dependent on their mental attributes as to whether they become a good coach or not.
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True, one of the good players that become a good staff member is Esteban Cambiaso, he develops in a great *** Man. Van der Sar also becomes a very nice GK Coach.
well towards the end of the careers, but they are still playing in the first team. they hold both jobs, and thanks tharros, i wasnt sure about it all, i wish there was a way (scouts utilities aside) to tell if they were going to be good coaches. signed kuyt and poulsen in the same way now, and they all look to be good promising coaches, all have several categories that they are 4 star in right off the bat, do you know if having that job affects them on the field at all? i wouldnt think so...