Player concerned about lack of goals after half a game!


Nov 9, 2010
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I'm not sure if this will affect my player or not but the game is lying to him and he seems to think he's played 10 games rather than the 30 mins he has played and is worried because he hasn't scored yet.

Wondered if anyone else has had this problem before and whether it had an affect or not, or is it just a bug that won't make any difference? I obviously don't want unhappy players but I don't really know what to do to sort it. Hopefully he just scores a goal and its all settled.

Ive uploaded the player attributes screenshot so you can see that even if you include pre season he hasn't played 10 games (and has scored 2 goals!) and the news story which has got him worried.


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Btw, I'm arsenal, 3rd season, using a pc, signed player from juve this summer, paid £13m, he has a rotation squad status. If thats of any use to anyone.
Did he have a goal drought at Juve before you signed him? The game might've gotten confused.
He only made 4 sub appearances last season and didnt score, season before he had a loan spell where he scored 7 in 33 so i suppose it could be going back three seasons, seems a little odd tho. Also mentions on the news item that he is looking for his first goal for the club. Hmmm
Happened to me when i bought hernandez off juve but i dont think it had a massive effect on him as he has been scoring regularly for me since