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Feb 27, 2009
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Do player conversations still grate you, they have annoyed me since they were first included, not the princible of it, I like the idea,
The execution of it.

I really hate the way its so limited let me give a recent example on my current game

Back goal keeper complains he wants first team football, So I start a conversation with him, pretty much your options are to tell him he will get first team football, or tell him were the door is, or say something like "IAM THE MANAGER I PICK THE TEAM"

I'd like to say something along the lines of....." your a back up, at this club, our first choice keeper is a lot better than you will ever be"

I mean really how do they not know that, its like Richard Wright complaining at Man City about lack of first team football.
I just had a manager from Mainz give me **** about trying to soften up Stefan Bell and asked me if I wanted to respond to his comments which I did and I wanted to say something along the lines of:

"Stefan is a quality player and you (the manager) should not get in the way for Stefan to progress as a player" etc which would add more fuel to the fire trying to blame his manager and making him unhappy and hopefully requesting a transfer..

however, the only responses I could come up with were the usual ones which was a little boring, I just declined to comment!

something a little more in depth interaction between players and managers would be great, some sort of Twitter or FB application where players (who have a stat of 15 i.e: hidden, social media usage or something) which could get players fined if they step out of line or something along those lines if you get what I mean?

just typed that here mate :)

use this thread to suggest changes you would like to see in the future Fm's :)
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