Feb 3, 2013
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Has this happened to anyone else?
Basically my player gets injured, automatically goes to the team selection for me to sub him off, then i make the sub - confirm it, then the game is paused, i cant press the play button, it just stays paused, in the top corner it says leave match, but nothing else, all i can do is quit my game, keeps on happening, so i can't play as i near enough get an injury every game. Also happens when i get a red card?

Anyone got a fix :(

thank you.
:( I've uninstalled it and re-installed it, and nothing, never happened to me before, just randomly started :(
I have the same problem, looks like its only you and me. Did you find a solution? It happens to me every now and then. I tried to un-reinstall but nothing works.
No idea. But I'd try to add something else than the sub. For example, change an OI where it won't have big effect, i.e. seet a DC to show weaker foot before confirming. Or go to a player's profile then back before confirming. Programming can get weird things at times.
This happened to me, but only in the very 1st beginning of the match when i immediately click TACTICS, i change one player role, then confirm, then the game pauses and no one's on the field, but i can click Cancel Tactics, then it resumes again. But one time, it went awfully wrong, i cant click anything else, like what happened to you, i was frustrated and bash the space button many times and click everywhere on the monitor, then it starts again. Its an awful bug. Thats what happened to me
Please does anyone know someone who can get a patch? I honestly can't play one game without it freezing, someone always gets injured or red carded. I've done all the suggestions and have no face packs logos etc :(