Player has disappeared from my squad


Jun 9, 2011
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So im half way through the first season with napoli and andrea dossena has literally just vanished from my squad. He does appear if I search for his name and it says he is still at napoli but when picking my squad for match days for example he does not appear on the screen but is selected as a sub and is playable. It's really annoying as im having to play my 19 year old at lb and can t pick him. Please help, thanks in advance.
that is very strange. you haven't asked your assistant to pick your team or anything have you? on match day when he appears as a sub can you click his profile? anything odd about it?
Have you put any filters on your team so you cant see unavailable players or something?
This has happened to me as well, i was clicking through my filters to see my reserves and unders 19s so I could use a few of my youth players in a game that didnt matter about the result. I reduced them all so I could see only left midfielders, then when i clicked them all to bring up my whole team again for some reason it will only show me my goalkeepers, rest of my squad is invisible and cannot get them back no matter how many times I fart about with the filters?? Anyone got any ideas?
Same thing just happen to me in my Levski 2016/17 squad with two left back players? is going on ????