Player Leaving On Bossman Ruling - Anything I Can Do?


Jan 10, 2010
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My player decided he wants to leave on a free transfer at the end of the season, is there anything i can do to persuade him... ive tried talking to him, praising him etc.
be successful and hopefully he will want to stay. Maybe try offering him a lucrative new contract?
He wont even let me offer him a new contract -.-
well then be successful and hope he sees you as a good club and wants to stay. Not really much you can do tbh. Shouldn't have let him get down to 1 year on his contract ;)
I think you have no choice but to get a replacement for him...
I don't think you can change his mind, better find a replacement.
see if you can sell him off by offering him to clubs, at least you may get some money for him that way. But other than that he is pretty much gone for free.
Yup, nothing you can do but learn a lesson from it. Valuable players? Resign them when there's 2 years left on the contract.
Unfortunately sometimes it happens. Damjanovic decided that he didn't want to sign a new contract two years before his ended, so now I'm forced to watch as one of our absolute best players has his contract slowly run out because he still won't sign another -_- I'm hoping soon he'll see the error of his ways...