Dec 6, 2008
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Hi people-this is my first post on here, love going through the forums and reading other posts but would like to highlight an issue here that I haven't seen brought up before. Is there any way of limiting player mistakes? Obviously playing with a slower tempo and having players with high composure and concentration helps but I was wondering if there were any other reasons. I'm playing an Arsenal file at the moment and while we're playing well looked at the players mistakes column on the selection screen and have noticed that my entire first choice defence has made a good 8-10 mistakes so far this season, having only played about 6 games. While none of these have led to goals I still find it rather worrying. Any ideas?
Mistakes are always going to happen, and a "mistake" isn't defined, are you noticing your defence ******** up badly and the opposition are failing to take advantage? If no, then it's probably minor mistakes you don't necessarily need to worry about.
It also depends on their hidden stats, visible only in the editor.

Decisions, determination, positioning also influence how many silly mistakes are made.