Nov 5, 2009
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Hey guys
I've noticed something twice now, first time when i was City, everytime i played Tevez he played really bad, then once i just go for vacation for 1 day cause i dont wanna play the match, he was seems to score 2 or 3 goals?.....
Now this happend to me with United also with Robben he is **** while i'm watching the matches, now i just went on vacation for 1 day also he scored 2 goals?...
Can anyone say why?
Is this because my assitant manager uses a different role for him? ...
Really annyoing me tbh.
you need to change your tactics bud, when you go on holiday, do you tick the box that says "use same team selection where possible and use same tactics?" this does not 100% of the time use exactly everything, but I would really get stuck into the tactic and setting the players PI's (personal instructions) to exactly what will suit the player as a player in comparison with his strengths and weaknesses ;)
What role did you assigned to Tevez? I've had great success to him with Advanced Forward-Attack.
maybe your assistant manager is better then you mate, dont worry your board will put you on permanant holiday very soon.