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Jun 6, 2006
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Does it bug anyone else how the player position are displayed. I'll give an example of what i mean!

I believe Wayne Rooney is displayed as AMRL/FC or something similar.

Because by default the players are sorted by position, this places him down by your midfielders. The guys a striker who can play in midfield if needed! He should be listed as SC or FC, and be shown up at the top of you list of players (with your players who are listed SC).

This same thing happens with most players (Micheal Ballack is another, DMC/AMC - lists him down by your defenders, not up with your attacking midfielders).

A player secondary postions should be listed after their primary postion 9strongest position). Instead it list the positions moving from the back forward, i.e, goalkeeper first, defender next, etc.

Do you know what i mean! Why display Steven Gerrard as a DMC/AMRC, when the guys strongest position is AMC, with his second choice positions being AMRC and DMC. He should be listed as AMC/AMRC/DMC!!!!

I know you can sort your view to display differently, but once you continue the view tends to switch back to the default view showing player stats, sorted in position order.

I've used the data editor to edit player position so only ther primary position is shown, however after a few game years, i might discover a player who i want to sign, however his positions are listed in this funny order.

Does this drive anyone else nuts! Maybe i'm being fussy!!
Yeah it ****** me off sometimes but it doesn't really matter as long as they're playing the position you want.
Well I'm sure that after a few times you will get used to having the player lower than you want them to appear. It doesn't really bother me much.

If you do get annoyed use the filters when choosing your lineup.
I dont see why it should bother you. I like it infact because if your a club like Scunthorpe and you have not heard of anyone it's always good to see who can play in those other positions.
Not that much of problem at all. Definetly comes in handy if your managing lower divisions or other countries where you aren't familiar with the players positions or 2nd positions. SEANS idea of filters should be useful aswell. But it might be more time in clicking around than just accepting Rooney with the AM's.
If it really annoys you that much just change there positions on editor
Well I think your being too fussy lol, it doesn't bother me at all. Just because it says Gerrard can play as DMC doesn't mean hes not an AMC. So yeah your being a bit too fussy;)
I don't think it really matters what part they are in because you'll just have to work out what they're best position is by yourself.
Absolutely right, the key to success is knowing your players :cool: is a way to fix your problem, it will take at least a season though.
Set his new position as FC (if thats what you want) and by the end of the season if not earlier he will be just a forward. It could take a few seasons, but if you play him as FC and have him training as FC, then after time he will only be seen as a FC. I did this with a lower division players, and worked. Sorry i didn't think of it before. It yet again will take time, and accepting him at whatever the game sets him at would be easier. GET TO KNOW YOUR PLAYERS. Then you can set them in whatever position you KNOW they can play in WITHOUT LOOKING AT THEIR POSITION at all.