Feb 16, 2011
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hi people, I wonder If you can help me. Currently had to start a new game due to my other game having problems (n) and instead of starting with valencia have decided to give manchester city a try. I have all the transfer updates already done from January 2011. I Have currently signed W.Samuels from Inter Milan But have no idea who else I could purchase. I Am Looking for either a good class midfielder or striker ( mainly midfielder) who can you know do the basics, maintain alot of possesion, not so expensive, a goal scorer/ also capable of many assist. Prefer A Wonderkid If Possible as the would last for longer but im not to fussed but in need of some ASAP as the season is about to start. Any Suggestions people?

*Sorry if this is wrote in the wrong place, im new so I apologise
dermba ba plays midield and can play up front
Typed name in search bar in the game and nothing came up?
For everyone that post would it be possible aswell to state the team aswell, as sometimes there more than just that one player, thanks
neymar can play winger or striker Vaclav Kadlec (striker) turns out great when hes older plays for sparta prague i think personally if i was going to be man city i'd sign fabregas for 60 mill with the budget you have but wonderkid ad try toni kross from Bayern Munchen great playmaker young to or Nuri Sahin From Dortmund good playmaker young aswell
Luis Fabaino's Quality Good At Holding Up The Ball, Scores Aswell And He's A Pacey Powerhouse Also You Can Buy Him For 21.5 Million Because Of His Release Cluase
But he may not want to enter contract talks with you.. I bought out Aguero with Inter and he refused to join me! :'(