Mar 26, 2012
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Hey guys,

U know when you register players for the league or europe etc, it says at the bottom the minimum and max size of the squad allowed, and also how many HG players u have and how many u need, blah blah.

Well in my 2nd season with southampton im trying to register players for the champions league and it just there nothing at the bottom, just the name of the competition. I press confirm and it comes up ' must have 4 players trained by the club' so normally, i just take a few out as u can have spaces instead, but as i dont have any info at the bottom i cant see how many, so i just took 4 out, so that way theres 4 spaces in the squad so it should definently be ok, but it still says 'must have 4 trained by club'.

Hopefully u guys understand what i mean and have any of u had this problem and how did you solve it?

Ive even tried auto selecting and this still doesnt work.

Thanks for any help.
sorry, ive figured it out now, my bad, can a mod delete/close the thread or something?