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Mar 19, 2013
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So I've played two real FM 12 games, the first was with the Wolves whom I stayed with for over a decade, and now I have one with Birmingham but it's only my second season and I have noticed that no player has ever had an opinion of me. With the Wolves by the time I ended there must have been over 11 players that had me listed as favored personnel for multiple years (I think three of them I had on the team for a decade and had prob been favored personnel since years 3 or so) and yet I noticed all the players were listed as having "no opinion" for a relationship in the private chat screen.

Now, with Birmingham, I'm trying to have way more private chats and let players know when I'm going to rest them or when I was impressed with their finishing/passing/defensive work/etc. There's already a couple players who I'm listed as favored personnel for and whom I've had numerous private chats with regarding performance and heads up on resting and still no one seems to have any opinion of me.

Can anyone shed some light on what's going on? Does "relationship" not reflect the relationship between you and the player? Does a relationship only change if you add someone to the team that is favored by the player? Or is this just some kind of glitch? I'm inclined to believe it's a glitch but I'm hoping I'm just missing something. Thanks for any help.