Sep 16, 2010
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Hello my fellow fm-basers this thread is about the player named Kerlon . I think a fair amount of you should know him . He was the top scorer and named best player at The U-17 South American football Championships in 2005. He is famous for the '' seal dribble '' . If you don't know what that is it's where the ball is bounced continuously on the forehead while running. This technique is very hard to stop and most opposing players would just foul the player . But anyway I forgot to mention he is on The Inter Reserves on my save . And I think he had a bright career ahead of him but it has been halted by constant Knee injuries. So he's only 23 and I think his stats has been decreasing and I think he has future still even though he is 23 and stats are decreasing . The club are trying to sell him but I want him to stay because I know he can be much better . ( I sound fairly stupid right now but It doesn't bother me . ) So I was wondering what I could do to increase his stats or help them to stay where they are . Thank you for all the help if you respond .
Well, the only way to increase his stats at that age is to put him into a good training regimen and to give him first team football.

Too bad FM can't simulate the seal dribble, will be funny to see how defenders react and see if whether they would just body check him like the real life defenders used to stopped him.
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good training schedule, facilities, coaches, the usual
it all boils down to CA and PA mate, thats it.... I loved him as well :) always bought him on earlier games :) he did a huge U turn after joining Inter...

with all the training, tutoring, 5* coaches etc etc, if his PA is not that high, he is not going to get much better, I do not know any player CA and PA so I cannot answer that for you :)

I still feel as though stats outweigh PA, meaning if he has the right stats for what Role and position you play him in, and he is doing the job, his Coach star rating and PA mean ****** all to me :)

why dont you do a test with him? Play with Inter (as they do have a good setup there) and play him week in week out and see how he goes?