Player Sacks agent Because Agent Cost Him The Move To Play Club

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Aug 8, 2010
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This thread is pretty much self explanatory from the title but 1st time i have seen this on that i can remember anyway.

Young talented Argentinean midfielder after scouting him and keeping a watchful eye on him for 3 seasons comes to transfer deadline day and out of the blue Porto put in a £11m bid for him not wanting to lose him but not desperate to get him by any means necessary.

I match the bid but when it came to contract negotiations his agent was being ridiculous with demands and the deal fell through. The next news item is that said player has now sacked agent for costing him transfer to my club.

has this ever happened to anybody else before?

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I've had it happen a lot, tends to always be with younger kids who want to move to a bigger club.
Agent demands x, club doesn't want to pay it, player seems happy with the deal so he leaves said agent. Usually ends up with you signing him for a better deal in the end.
It's not funny nor random, though. On topic, I think I've seen this and it is meant to be one of the features of agents when they were implemented (I think).

It is pretty random, really. And funny.
It is pretty random, really. And funny.
It's not, it is realistic. If someone ruined your big deal or a big promotion or whatever and they were employed by you, I think you'd sack them.
It's just a feature. It should probably be in the funny/random things if you find it interesting, apart from that there isn't much to add.
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