Nov 16, 2012
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Got promoted from league one and have good scouts which are 15/15 PA/JA. when i scout players which have like 4 stars, some are just bad, says they are only good for backups and others are key players. I am a bit confused about the scouting now
I've had similar issues with my scouts in the past, but I have a chief scout now that is usually right on the money. I always do a second scout using him for players I'm interested in.

When I was dealing with this in the past I would get more than 1 scout report, normally one from each of my best scouts (or a coach if they're a good judge of talent). Even better if you can get them on trial so all the coaching staff can give you their opinions or even play them in a couple of friendlies. You can select between scout/coach reports by using the drop down in the top left of the player report page.