Wah exciting. I just got him in my third season, after Bayern transfer listed him (due to request) and got him for a reasonable price of 13 mil. Can't wait to develop him more for the fourth season.

Stick a screenshot up mate. He's keeping Darmian out of my team now and he's only 20 I think.
Would like screenshots of Lucas Tousart, Aldo Kalulu, Maxwell Cornet, Houssem Aouar all from Lyon and Mouez Hassen from OGC Nice in 2019-21 or thereabout.

Thanks in advance! :)
I'd like to get an screenshot of Adalberto Peñaranda in the 16.3 update at his peak.
Has anybody SS for Clinton N'Jie? Thinking has he future at my Tottenham... Only in first season's October.
Screenshot by Lightshot
Screenshot by Lightshot
nothing special i whould play him in games with easy opponets to build up a price and sell him to buy barbossa ,dybala or berardi

Yeah I'm going to sell him and thinking Luan for replacament cause he is very versality player and I like that in my back up players. Eric Dier is awesome player cause he plays so man positions and has some potential.
New patch screenshot of: Dele Alli, Eric Dier and Harry Kane 2+ seasons in..
New patch screenshot of (2020+):
Alessandro Bastoni, Filippo Melegoni, Luca Valzania, Fabio Castellano, Mario Pugliese, Alberto Grassi, Christian Capone, Tiziano Tulissi, Andrea Conti, Simone Mazzocchi, Matteo Gasperoni

anyone got any screenshots of Jordan Larsson?? Henrik's son?? maybe a couple of seasons in...looks decent potentially
Jonathan Silva.. how well does he develop, given he's available comparatively cheaper than last year..

Donnarumma.. how good a player does he become? I got him at Liverpool, 1st season to act as backup, but he's keeping Mignolet out of the first team (something I really love)!


Walter Kannemann (from Altas-MEX) and Emanuel Mas (from San Lorenzo-ARG).
Both in mid 2016.

Not sure if he's even on the game but I'm at work so can't chck.
Can anyone get a screenshot of domigios quina from Chelsea, about 10 seasons into the game?
Can i have Sergi Roberto in roughly end or middle 2019. Zeca the LB Andrei Ivan, Barbosa and Vallejo please. If it is too much you can only do some. Much appreciated.

IDK is this still active but I would like SS from Arnel Jakupovic from Middlesborough. He has immense potential in FM Whizzkids database so if someone has played with that database to the year 2020-2022 could you send him ss to here. :)