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Jan 4, 2011
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Hey Guys,

I have just started teh season with Newcastle and you only start with 2 mill. I have managed to get a couple of loan signings, but unable to get any decent players.

Do any of you know any decent cheap players, or any of you that have managed Newcastle who to get rod of to make some
Any really. The team I have mate, is shocking on the game.
Lee Sueng-Ryul - ST Amazing young striker here, scores loads and can set up a few too, only 20 years old. He may need a bit more than 2 mil, so maybe in installments if you like him.

Kim Jin-Kyoo - DC Insane defender, might also be a bit pricey (max 2 mil though), scores a few as well as being a rock at the back.

Park Yong-Ho - DC Also incredible defender, cheaper, however only useful for one season, as then he gets called up to 'National Service' and can't play for you for 2 years...

Server Jeparov - MC He cost me 3 mil Australian dollars, so maybe not... But incredible ability anyway.

Ko Yo-Han - MC/AMC Young, and despite his ****** technical stats he is absolutely class when given a chance. He was always second to Jeparov and Yildiray Basturk for the first season, then second in the friendlies, he took off. Scored absolute screamers, played fantastic. Very cheap too.

Basheer Saeed - DC Picked him up for a measly $300,000, he's now rated as equal with Kyoo up there, and some of our coaches think he's better. Great and cheap defender there.

Lee Jong-Min - DR played amazing for our first year, might be closer to the 1 mil to 1.5 mil range however.

Ha Dae-Sung - AMC didn't get much of a chance at our team, but what he did do he did well. I sold him off for a total of $650k in the second season, should cost you no more than 400 to 500k for him.

I'm currently playing as Seoul in South Korea, so all these come from that area, work permits MAY be a problem, I have no idea. But get some scout reports and see who you like, tell me if you'd like some more recommendations, there are tons I didn't put here. :)
Thanks for that Karzid, ill try them out
How about Terna Suswam?
Decent defender from Nigeria


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