May 27, 2009
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I'm curious how you all manage your tactics/squads.

How many of you prefer to stick with the same roles and find players who fit into those roles, and how many of you prefer to find good players and change the role to fit the player?

Personally I find players and change the role if necessary, but sometimes I feel guilty about betraying my tactic :p
For me, I find the players to fit the roles ! when i use a tactic, I tend to stick with it :)
has always interested me, if i had something to tell me best roles of each player id love to test it out. Recently I have created/downloaded tactics and changed the roles to suit the players and sliders.
For me it is not so much about the individual players and their roles, but how those roles complement what I want to achieve within my formation. I have always been of the opinion that no formation is inherently 'attacking' or 'defensive', but it is the roles and the player's instructions that make it so. So I have my preferred formations, namely, 4-2-4 (With wingers), 4-4-2 (Wide diamond), 4-5-1 and more recently, 4-1-2-2-1 Asymmetric, and then I aim to have a balance of roles and duties within that formation - sometimes even if a player may not be the best at that role.
I tend to make sure the player is right for my tactics. I get a player to fit the role :)
I usually stick to one formation i.e. 4-2-4, for all my saves and then sign players that fit into the formation accordingly.