Player Work Permit Problem


Jul 5, 2009
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Hi lads, hoping for a bit of help from you guys.

I got this problem, I signed this wonderkid regen in my game called Sean Bracamontes, he has USA nationality but had moved to a german league team so I signed him from there. Anyway I tried to do the deal early before others came in basically whilst the transfer window was still shut in mid season, so I could get him to join when the window opened again in the summer. So I had my bid accepted and everything was agreed with the player, but it was held up because of work permit which I apealed successfully, and he joined when the window opened, but now there's a 'WP' sign next to his name and I cant play him.

Is there anyway round it, or more importantly how do I have it sorted, please help guys.

Sorry for the long post. Thanks.
I tried so sign croatian player Marko Babic, he has around 50 odd capps and has played for leverkusen and zaragoza but my WP for him was turned down when I tried to sign him for Rangers, in real life if that was the case we would get him no bother :S