Jan 6, 2009
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I'm Rotherham in league 2 and easily winning all my matches and was wondering why my players fitness is going down so low:/

for example i will be winning 3-0 then at half time there condition is 40 odd percent and then because my players are tired they claw back 2 goals and only becomes a narrow win

im using IanC's training schedules if that helps but in my other saves i have used this and worked wonders for my team

any ideas?
i have a rotherham save but i dont have schedules i just auto assign the training, my guys are fine so it seems to me it would be the training?
i used this for training for my other saves and it was fine though:/

such as...Man Utd, Palermo, Rangers...
Well Rotherham and United have a bit different players, when in playing in the lower divisions pay more attention to physical training. I use IanC's schedules myself but I have modified them a bit by raising physical training to at least the mid-point of the slider and with better players the total workload just one notch under heavy.
so shall i raise the physical training up more and leave it and see how it goes?
You could try it. But it might have a negative effect in the short term because their fitness levels won't get better immediately but their total workload is higher. Also modifying your tactics might have an effect. IF you play a high tempo and high closing down+tight marking game then your players will tire quicker. So if you are 3-0 up at half time then lower the tempo and adopt to a more defensive approach.