Players missing clear-cut 1 v 1 chances


Dec 7, 2009
So, I reached the UCL semi-final and won the Primera Division (La Liga Sant) in my first season with FC Barcelona. Would have won the UCL also but Man Utd had an absolutely amazing comeback in the 2nd half in which they scored 3 goals in 15 minutes to overcome my 3-1 aggregate lead. They went on to win the final against their city rivals Man City. But that's not the point: Thing is, my second season, I changed the tactics a bit. I am gonna post the screenshots of my TI and PIs. I want the tactics experts to please analyze my tactics for faults which are forcing players like Messi who has absolutely inhuman attributes to miss clear cut 1 v 1 chances.

When my 2nd season began, the team was playing the best football I ever saw them playing (even better than the first season). Then suddenly a drop in form came: we started missing clear-cut chances and just stopped scoring altogether. I'll post the screenshots down below of the season so far.

Suarez was my main goalscorer last season, but this pre-season he got injured for 5-6 months, so now I am alternating between using Messi as False Nine and Alcacer as an Advanced Forward.

Before I post screenshots of my tactics, I want to tell you guys how I want my team to play football.

My aim: I want my team to play a fluid possession football with players working hard to create clear-cut chances to score whilst not relying on set-pieces.

When we are in possession: I want my players to come closer to each other so they can create those passing triangles and frustrate the opposition. I want them to refrain from taking long shots and work the ball into the box. I want my wingers to cut inside and make runs behind the defence for a 1 v 1 with the gk. I want my fullbacks to occupy the space my wingers leave empty. I want my forward to be part of the team and chip in a few passes here and there rather than just wait for the ball inside the box.

When we are not in possession: I want my team to try to win the ball back as soon as possible in order to maintain our control of the match. However, if we can't win the ball back again in 10 seconds then I want them to stop pressing so much and maintain the shape and make it hard for the opposition to break us down. However, I want my team to press the fullbacks, CBs and the GK when they are trying to build-up from the back.

So now you guys know what I want to achieve with my team.

So this is my formation:
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GK - Sweeper Keeper Support
View attachment 46058

RB & LB - Wing Back Support
View attachment 46054

RCB - Ball Playing Defender Defend
View attachment 46053

LCB - Central Defender Defend
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DM - Half Back Defend
View attachment 46051

RCM - Advanced Playmaker Support
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LCM - Central Midfielder Attack
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RW - Inside Forward Attack
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LW - Inside Forward Support
View attachment 46047

ST - Advanced Forward
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Opposition Instructions:
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Formation with False Nine and PI:
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Tactics Familiarity:
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Against Real Madrid (0-1), the players missed a total of 8 chances (4 half, 4 clear-cut). Against Athletic Bilbao (0-0), the players missed 5 chances (4 half, 1 clear-cut) with Rakitic missing 1 v 1 with no pressure on him from defenders. 5 chances missed against Osasuna. Messi missed 2 clear cut chances against Vallecano (thankfully we managed to win 1-0).

I am attaching all the pics below.
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Please help me solve this mystery.