Aug 5, 2011
Reaction score
During comprehensive or extended views in a match, i noticed that my players dwell on the ball for a long time before passing, therefore loosing the ball to the opposing marker. What change should i make so they will pass faster to their teammates? faster tempo? or is it due to the overall attacking game strategy, causing many players to be in advance positions, reducing the passing options?
Play narrower so the players stay closer together. Also check on the movement settings on each players. If you have too many players trying to rush forward or run into channels then your players could easily get isolated.
Hard to say what it is, because we can't see what is happening. However, I noticed this too, for some reason my players seemed to keep running into the opposition and kept playing passes that only got halfway to the teammate, and was then intercepted.

So I changed shortened the passing directness of a few of my players slightly, lowered the tempo (Although I already play with a slow tempo anyway) and used the (Play through defence) shout to reduce my players dribbling slightly. Seems to have worked so far, top of the league with Athletic Bilbao, first season :D