Players not used to playing a type of play


Nov 29, 2010
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I am wondering what is the best way to deal with players who during matches come up with the message , that such a player is not used to playing a type of way for example long ball or shorter passes without having to change the whole setup of the team .
I guess in the short run you can tweak his personal instructions, but on the long run you want him to adept, so you only need to get him in as many non-competitive or non-important fixtures so just he can adept.
If you don't have that many non important fixtures just give him personal instructions with his style of play and slowly bring it up to your tactic's level, a match at a time...
if you stick to a tactic, and not change too much each match, then it will only take a fe wmonths before they are all used to your style of play.
I think it has to do with his attributes, if a player has low work rate he wont close down as much as you ask him too. And a message such as "Player X is not used to closing down...".