Dec 20, 2010
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I managed a team in the best french league. Stade Rennais, and in this career the potential in the reports section confused me.

In the second season Lyon signed Sebastien Corchia and when I scouted him he had 4,5/5 stars. But when you start a career with Le Mans he only has 4 stars in potential???

Since the player potential is relative, how on earth is it possible that his potential is suddenly bigger from Stade Rennais point of view than from Le Mans?

And since the new patch came out I haven't got the comment "X has developed as a footballeer over the last X months". Not a single time in 1 ½ seasons. I used to get it on many players before the patch.

Hope you got an answer.
Your scout reports are relative to

1. Your scouts PA skill
2. Your teams Rep, A player can be 5 star to say a club in the championship but only 3 star to a team in the Premier League
That's why I am wondering.

Why is he 4 star to a Ligue 2 team and then after a season 4,5 stars to a Ligue 1 team?

If you start with Le Mans he has 4 stars in potential, and that should get lower when he plays for a better team right?

But it got higher.
i had this at plymouth, joe mason was expected to become a leading champ player then after scoring 25 in league 1 then 30 in the champ they expected him to become a leading prem player, though his stats hadnt improved that much
@ Iggy - He might have a negative potential ability in the editor which means his PA is randomly generated between two sets of numbers at the start of the game.
So it's not all players who have the same potential every game?

Thx for the feedback.

Another question.

Is it only me who experience that my Set Piece instructions reset almost every week?