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Players roles and injury prone


May 24, 2011
Hello everyone,

I have some questions and i hope you can help me with that.
I have Zichario Zivkovic in my Burnley team.
Is he an injury prone?
Generally, when a player fully recovers from an injury, it's recommended to give him few minutes to gain match fitness.
Since 20 minutes is the lowest time I can give him to play in the reserve, every time he recover from an injury I give him 20 minutes to play in the reserve until he is 78 80% match fit and then I choose the 45 minutes (this is how it works mostly in real life).
after I saw that he was injured 2 times while playing at the reserve, I thought trying to give him less than 20 minutes and i gave him 10 minutes but with the senior team, while I was winning by 2 goals I thought to give him some match fit after 80 minutes of the game.
He entered the game and 2 minutes later he is being knocked (that orange slight injured indication) and I subbed him.

I had another idea, since I know there are physiotherapist even in real life that their diagnostics isn't always accurate, I thought of giving the player 7 days of rest after he recover the injury.
At the end, I didn't gave him the full 7 days rest, because his condition was 93 and his match fitness was 74.
I noticed that his condition doesn't raise up, because he isn't match fit.
So I decided to recall him back to training (because there is no affect for him to be in rest when his condition doesn't raise up).
When I enter the player report I got this:

View attachment 264020

This is his injury history (he joined my team at 15/16):

View attachment 264015

now according to the report he is unhappy for being recalled to training lol (not a big deal), now he is injured for 2 weeks, and not one day as the last screenshot indicates.
My training focus is on: balanced.
intensity: average.
View attachment 264003

I have another question about other strikers:
Since Zivkovic is an injury prone I decided to bring another striker to the team, Paulo Dybala.
not sure which role to give to my strikers, they have 1 great game maybe with 1 or two goals which is good, but in the other matches they can't even perform well, I don't care about the goals, performance for me is much important.
I decided to switch his role to false 9 and still he doesn't perform well (at least not as I expect from his attributes).
I know that a player can't perform well all the time, but this one is unacceptable:
View attachment 264000

When I just started to play this specific game I use to download some tactics, but now I wanted to play like I love to, so I decided to create my own.
It does worked out, I always in control of the game, but seems like lack of goals can let me down, my striker's are good, but I'm not sure why they can't score some 100% chances.
I started to play with Dybala as complete forward on support (it was a mistake maybe), now i changed it to false 9. (I have 2 inside forwards).
My midfield does superb job when it comes to creating chances.
The strikers morale is always high since I keep giving them more confidence by warning them for poor performance or giving them good feedback on their good performance.

I have 4 strikers now and I think to play with 2 strikers instead of only one (due to lack of goals scoring).
I have:
Carlos Fierro
Paulo Dybala
Gabriel Barbosa
Richairo Zivkovic (which is injured as I mentioned before)

I need some advice's with which role should I give them when I'm playing with them as 1 lone striker or and which role set them when I'm playing with 2?

I'm sorry for typing so much and there is much to read, I wanted to be more specific.
Since English isn't my main language, I'm sorry if there is any grammar mistakes.
I hope to get some help here.

Thanks in advance,


Jul 25, 2013
After sustaining all those injuries I suppose his injury proneness attribute (1-20) has gone up. I think when it says "might have problems with injuries" I would say it's between 10 - 14 or so... not entirely sure. I don't find the attribute to be very sensitive neither.. I would just throw him back into playing and sub him when his fitness becomes low.. just keep doing that.


Mar 3, 2014
I ******* hate injury proneness, I would take an inconsistent player for an injury prone player anyday. On a City save, I managed to just play David Silva for 6 matches in a whole season. He got injured in the first match, went out for like a century, when he finally got rid of that injury, nearing the end of the season, put him on for just a few minutes to gain fitness, in a couple of matches he always had to go out with injury. I popped a (virtual) bottle of champagne when I sold him, in two seasons he played 30 matches, god. Just sell him and move on. There will be a regen better than him eventually, anyways.