Players signing for other clubs for less money


Mar 18, 2013
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Recently a recurring situation has happened on my save which has made me not wanti to continue the game out of pure frustration. I am Hartlepool three seasons in and I am in my second season in the championship. Tranmere just got promoted to the champ also.

I offered the clubless David Wheater a deal on 9k per week as a key player which he rejected, then signed for Tranmere for 2k per week as a backup to the first team. Not mentioning the fact it would give Wheater an opportunity toreturn to the North East, but the fact that I was offering him first team football and a high wage for my club level should have been enough for him to sign, but he refused because he wanted 16k.

Yet 2k at Tranmere is enough? In my opinion that is a game cheat, if I was Tranmere manager then it would have been the same situation as at Hartlepool.

This has really annoyed me and I am just wondering if anyone else sees this or knows why it happens.
There are a lot of reasons that arent always obvious why that could happen, he might:

- Dislike someone at your club/ Like someone at tranmere
- Have chosen them if/because they have better facilities
- Have choose them if/because hey have a higher reputation
- Rather have moved to Liverpool than the north east. Each region has a stat out of twenty for attraction

I might have missed some but they'd be the main reasons. Also, in international transfers, Different countries tax laws are taken into account, hope something in all that helped :)
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I've got a similar situation which is irritating me. I was trying to sign Ganso on a free transfer as Newcastle, who now have the highest reputation in the game, have won an incredible amount of trophies and have perfect facilities blah blah blah this Newcastle team is the dream club. I'm even in his favoured personnel. Yet he will choose to sign for Chelsea over Newcastle, who offer him 50k a week opposed to my 90k, AND they offer much, much worse add ons in the contract.

Every reason jordyoffy gave would support him moving to Newcastle, except that perhaps London has a higher attractiveness stat than the North East, but I mean god ****, this situation is bug-level broken. Really irked by this, does anybody have any suggestions on how I could improve this?
Not everyone wants money.

I really think you're just saying that to try and find an excuse for why this COULD happen in the game, when the truth is it's just poor game design. Even if he doesn't want money, for him to choose Chelsea over Newcastle in my save, he clearly doesn't want to move to the bigger club, he doesn't want to be part of a team that wins lots of trophics, including the PL and the CL, he doesn't want to work with a manager that he prefers, in front of 60,000 fans every week etc, etc.

I could write plenty more reasons why, if this player in a game's database is capable of considering so many unobvious lifestyle options, he would logically sign for my club, but I know it's not as deep as that. It's some game mechanic that I'm not aware of but I feel is really illogical and damages how enjoyable the game is, for me at least, as it is highly unrealistic and even unfair.
Not encountered it this year, yet, but last year I had a couple of Rangers saves and found this happened an awful lot. I remember trying to sign one particular free agent (don't remember who) who wanted something like £16k to join me. And when I say wanted, I mean he wouldn't budge a penny below it. I only wanted to pay £10k. I might've been prepared to negotiate, but I wasn't going to be held to ransom so I withdrew from the negotiations. A few days later he joined someone else (Motherwell IIRC) for less than £2k p/w.

On my Celtic save on FM11 Scott Brown refused an offer of a new contract on his same inflated wage (£25k p/w for HIM, I must've been out of my mind to even offer it) but with even better bonuses than before, despite by that point having both Celtic and myself among his favourites. He then left on a bosman and went to Aberdeen on £1.2k p/w and never won a trophy or got called up for Scotland again.