Players who kept star players out of the squad

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Jan 25, 2013
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Anyone had a player come in because of injuries/suspensions and play so well he's kept the star out of the squad? I play one up front for Mansfield and in my first season, Jake Speight played so well he kept Pericard (who I bought in to be the main striker) out of the team and in my second season, Carew (Who I signed as backup) is doing the same to Mpenza after filling in for him whilst injured.
A regen-Argentinean striker my scouts and assistant didn't rate at all, who I had just managed to sign (Had to wait until his 18th birthday) scored a 9 goals in 9 games in the first half-season I had him (I bought him in January), he didn't keep Falcao out of the team, but he did keep Rodrigo, Podolski and a couple of regens who had 5 star potential out of my subs bench! :)
Young Jack Whilshere managed to keep Ander Herra out. Ander Herra had been banned for three matches after an awful tackle.Didn't think young Jackey boy was ready for the big leagues, but boy! The kid gets crazy amount of assists and goals!Bought him for 21 mil about two seasons ago, now he's rated at 30 mil.
In my Porto Career, James Rodriguez got injured for 3 months, and Varela came in to replace him. When Rodriguez came back, i started rotating Wellington Nem/Rodriguez/Varela on the wings.
First Season with Villa, Stephen Ireland picked up a nasty injury, so I picked up Grella on a free he's kep Ireland out the team.
A shame Grella is very injury prone to, so Ireland still gets a lot of games as Grella picks up 2-10 Day injurys every other match.

But when he was fit, my midfield normally dominated he won the ball back so frequently.
I currently have a 3 man midfield of Andre Ayew, Lucas and Maher, but I have a Turkish regen (who is ok stats wise but not amazing) with 18 corner taking, his corners have led to 16 goals by I'm leaving Maher out purely for that reason! :)
1st season - Man Utd. Van Persie got small injury for a few days. Hernandez played the opener and killed it. Long story short. In League Season 1 - Hernandez scored 29 goals from approx 30 games, RVP scored 0 from 22 games. He picked up a couple injuries and came off the bench a couple times but for RVP to score zero goals (not believable).
Frasier Forster has been injured now for 3 months, after been my top GK for 2 seasons I now have Graig Gordon as my new number 1 although to be honest I can see it changing soon again